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Tamper Proof Paper Bag Manufacturer

Eco-Friendly Tamper Proof Paper Bag/Cover Manufacturer

Omflex has been manufacturing different varieties of flexible packaging materials for so many years. Where it has been noticed that over the recent years Tamper Proof Paper Bag has become one of the most demanding products among all flexible packaging materials in the Indian market. These bags are quite useful in the logistics and shipping companies for packaging non-breaking goods. Not only manufacturing Omflex supplies these bags in pan India and overseas as well. In any business customer satisfaction and feedback do a great matter in the business expansion and prosperity. So, Omflex is very proud to say that we have made around 300 clients satisfied by delivering the best-quality flexible packaging materials. And that is why we are No. 1 Tamper Proof Courier Bags Manufacturer in the whole country.

These bags play a vital role in the rigorous shipping process because the stuff kept inside the Tamper Proof Kraft Paper Courier Bag is safe and secured. Nowadays almost every logistics or shipping firm is using these bags owing to their hard-built quality and safety. At Omflex, we have always been trying to introduce new features in our every product as per the latest trends of the industry. And for that, we have used the best quality raw material with zero cost-cutting in making these paper bags. This type of strategy and loyalty towards our customers have made us the largest Tamper Proof Paper Bag Manufacturer in India.

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Tamper Proof Courier Bag/ Tamper Proof Paper Bag




60 microns -120 microns



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Shipping services


Yes, can be written over the bags with a permanent marker


Features of Tamper Proof Courier Bag/ Tamper Proof Paper Bag:

  1. Durability
    These paper bags are highly durable and reliable so that they can be used for shipping any lightweight and non-breaking item very easily. As we are a leading Tamper Proof Paper Courier Bags Manufacturers in the country therefore we understand the concerns of the courier service companies. They all require a very rough and tough type packaging material that can withstand the rigorous delivery process in any circumstance. So to fulfill the need of these courier service companies Omflex has made premium quality Tamper Proof Paper Bag. The material used in its manufacturing is high-quality plastic which makes it ideal for shipping purposes.
  2. Safety
    After best-in-class quality, the question arises regarding the safety of these courier bags. So, Omflex India has taken care of all the major concerns and we have sorted it out by offering the Tamper Proof Courier Bags with 100 % security. These bags are highly secured as once they are closed then it is quite difficult to open the bags without tearing them. Apart from that these plastic-built bags are recyclable and eco-friendly. Moreover, they are water-resistant so there is almost zero chance of a single water droplet getting entered inside these Tamper Proof Paper Bags. Thus, these bags are very helpful in delivering fragile items from one place to another place.
  3. Low Cost
    Being the leading Tamper Proof Paper Bag Manufacturer in entire North India we supply high-quality paper and courier bags at an affordable price. Unlike other flexible packaging material companies, Omflex India does zero cost-cutting and uses premium quality raw material. In this way, we supply the best quality Tamper Proof Courier Bags at a very reasonable rate in this competitive time.

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