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Our manufactured mulching films cover almost 80% of the Indian market. We are known as the prominent plastic mulch film manufacturers in India. Our manufactured films come in three different varieties of back colors including pure-black, silver-black, and white-black. Additionally, we offer supreme quality of plastic mulch film in transparent as well as golden yellow-red colors. All films are manufactured in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients. Apart from color aspects, this product comes in a wide variety of thickness spectrum ranging from 20 to 150 microns. Most of the farmers choose agriculture films manufactured by OMFLEX, and that makes us the top agricultural film suppliers & exporter in Delhi. Following are a few top characteristics of these films,

  1. Results in better and early crop development
  2. Reduces adverse effect of harmful weeds
  3. Minimizes excess water loss due to evaporation
  4. Helps in optimizing the excess use of fertilizers
  5. Decrease soil fumigation up to a greater extent

Features of the Product:

  • Better and Early Yields:

    The soil temperature rises in within the films, resulting in faster crop development and hence early harvest possibility. Clear Plastic Mulch enables harvest early by 21 days while black mulch makes it 7-14 days.

  • Reduces Weeds:

    It is difficult for weeds to survive under Mulch Films. This reduces weeds and also saves on Weedicide costs

  • Minimizes Evaporation: 

    Soil water loss due to evaporation is reduced, decreasing the frequency of irrigation and leads to saving of water as well as energy for irrigation

  • Optimizes fertilizer use:

    Extra water runs off the mulch protecting against the fertilizer wash away.

  • Increase in growth: 

    The Mulched plants reduces escape of air and hence Carbon Di oxide which can flow out of the hole only. It is known that high levels of Carbon Di Oxide leads to increased leaf growth.

  • Helps Fumigation: 

    The Mulch films being impervious it reduces gas escape and gaseous fumigation in soil intact

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