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Tamper Proof Courier Bags in Nepal

Omflex is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of tamper proof courier bags in Nepal. We’re a known brand in the packaging industry dedicated to delivering quality products for years. Owing to this, our tamper-proof courier bags are demanded highly by businesses running in the e-commerce sector. We offer a broad range of tamper-proof bags ranging from security to courier bags, chequebook security envelopes, and others.   

Among all, tamper-proof courier bags Nepal is our flagship product sharing a great demand from clients from different industries worldwide. At Omflex, we pride ourselves on providing our valued clientele with the finest packaging solutions, meeting the highest security and reliability standards. With years of experience working in the industry, we share a long list of satisfied and loyal client bases. 

Choose Omflex to Buy Tamper Proof Courier Bags in Negal 

In today’s digital world, online product delivery has become the basic necessity of every second business that wants to deliver them to their end-users. The tamper-proof property of bags ensures that the product/ goods inside the packaging are safe and protected from any damage or theft. We at OMFLEX manufacture and supply premium quality tamper proof courier bags in Nepal to all businesses, irrespective of their size.

We use the finest grade raw materials sourced from our trusted vendors to ensure we deliver quality products. For this, we rely on modern manufacturing techniques and high-tech machinery to ensure we meet all the prescribed standards of the industry. All our tamper-proof bags are designed to keep today’s market needs Fast & Safe Delivery. It’s one of many attributes that make us stand apart from the other packaging solutions providers in the market. We are 1st choice of our worldwide clients because of, 

  • Experience: YEARS IN INDUSTRY 
  • On-time Delivery: FAST & RELIABLE 
  • Customer Support: INSTANT 365-DAYS ASSISTANCE 
  • Sustainable Solutions: ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY
  • Affordable Pricing: NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY 

We try to meet the highest standards of excellence & unparalleled protection for your shipments!

Our Tamper Proof Courier Bags Nepal Product Portfolio

Safety and security are the two most crucial aspects of businesses transporting valuable or expensive products/ goods to their customers. Tamper-proof packaging solutions emerge as a helping hand for such businesses to ensure product safety. OMFLEX has offered our clients the best flexible and tamper-proof packaging products for years. 

Our flagship product portfolio includes a broad array ranging from courier to security bags,  envelopes for security chequebooks, and others. Our product range is manufactured using advanced techniques and processes to meet the quality and client’s preferences. We make sure that we leave no flaws in meeting the quality and security standards of the industry. 

Our Product Features

Our tamper-proof courier bags share a huge demand among companies dealing with international and domestic courier services and package delivery. Also, we share a great customer-business relationship with some of the leading businesses that transport shipments and bundles globally. Besides, we cover a huge segment of industries, such as e-commerce, logistics, and retail.

  • Size: Customizable with a thickness of 50-120 Microns
  • Capacity: 2 Kg (100% virgin quality)
  • Quantity: 500 Piece Per Pack (sample available to prior request)
  • Colour: Available in white colour with a matte/ glossy surface finish 
  • Properties: Flexographic (printing), recyclable, moisture-proof
  • Added Properties: Zipper-lock, opacity, tamper-proof adhesive, side-edge numbering

Our product features provide flexibility, convenience, and security in one package!

‘MOQ’ Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity is crucial in optimizing our manufacturing and supply chain processes at OMFLEX. We use it as a parameter to keep our costs low while maintaining product quality.  Following this, we offer a minimum order quantity of 1 lakh pieces or 1 ton/kg, or clients can also order 500 pieces per pack at one time. We also provide samples only to prior special requests. Our tamper-proof courier bags are also available in diverse sizes and styles to suit client’s business needs. Even they can be customized with their logo or other branding elements for business promotions. 

Minimum Order QUALITY: 1 Lakh/ Piece or 1 Ton/ Kg

We take great pride in providing the highest quality tamper-proof courier bags to our customers in Nepal. Our bags are designed to ensure that the shipments reach their destination safely and securely. 


With Omflex, you can rest assured that your valuable goods are safe from tampering, theft, or damage.

Buy Tamper Proof Courier Bags in Nepal from Omflex for Safe & Secure Product Shipping

At OMFLEX, we pride ourselves on exceptional services, a broad product range, and instant customer support. We always prioritise our esteemed clients’ requests and give the utmost importance to our timely delivery approach. Our trusted vendor base and its strong network help us ensure that every order is placed on time, every time. We are proud of our experienced team of professionals,  engineers, quality analysts, supervisors, and workers. All of our team members work for one purpose- deliver tailored packaging solutions to our valued clients in Nepal and worldwide. 

If you’re looking for high-quality, recyclable, and reliable tamper-proof courier bags in Nepal, contact Omflex. We are the most reliable manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of tamper-proof packaging solutions in the industry today.

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