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Poly Mailers Bags in Nepal

Get Perfect Packaging with Polymailers Bags in Nepal

Shipping things carefully is a herculean task and when one is in the business of same, taking care of clients is highly recommended but certain things are cumbersome to ship within a box and sometimes it is not even necessary. Apart from that for ecommerce companies it is really needed to keep the cost minimum of their raw material so instead of boxes few of the foldable items can be dispatched through poly mailers or we can say envelopes made through polythene and surely it can cut the high packaging cost. Also these polymailers are surprisingly affordable to transport easy to pack and ship and most importantly takes very less space. To get perfect packaging of products, polymailers bags in Nepal are available with Omflex India.

Om Flex India is among the leading manufacture of Poly Mailers even in this competitive era and offering best in class item in the concerned arena. With a vast clientele all over India we are prevalent in manufacturing these bags, our polybags are not only demanded in country but in overseas too. The quality of our products including polymailer bags and polymailer envelopes has been highly maintained through the perspective of clients. We do manufacture these premium quality envelopes at our own manufacturing unit with a great capacity of per day amount for we have got outstanding feedback by the industries which are utilizing the products. Consistently we are motivating ourselves to develop the quality and strength of the product so that shipping with such polymailer envelope can fruitful for shipping companies and the clients both.

Features of our Polymailers Bags in Nepal

Although we are offering different type of polybags, but in the category of polymailer envelopes we are making them as per the requirement of client or industry, customized one from needle to large furniture one can fit the product inside them as per their need. Some of the qualities we are providing in our product are following:

Tamperproof: The envelopes offered by Omflex are highly tamperproof so that one can see if there are any changes, whether it has been removed, changed or missing in the envelope.

Lightweight: The product is quite light-weighted, hence improve the way for transportation as they obviously cut the cost for mailing them.

Waterproof: Another benefit of such polythene envelope is that they are highly secured from water and it is always beneficial to keep things secure during the transportation or keeping them waterproof.

Cost effective: Due to various features of our envelopes it surely cut the cost of business in different dimensions therefore considering the premium quality material for shipping purpose will always be advantageous.

Customized: The Omflex India offers these polymailer envelopes in Nepal as per the requirement of particular industry and most appropriate price as per the market.

Apart from the mentioned features attached to the product there are many specifications too so that one can understand how to purchase these ploymailers are here

Product Name: Poly Mailers/ Poly Mailers Envelopes

Manufacturer: Omflex India

Size: Customised

Material: Co-ex LDPE

Used at: All Online Platforms/Ecommerce companies/ Logistics Companies

Closing system: Peel N Seal (Lip to Lip/Flap)

We can say that we are generating this affordable and customized product with highly qualified team which can assure our clientele for no loss even in the case of environment that is one of the reason that Omflex India is  continuously staying among best in class and acknowledged manufactures of polymailer envelopes in Nepal.

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