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Printed Bag on Roll

Printed Bag on Roll Manufacturers

Among the vast segment of flexible packaging materials at Om Flex India, these bags are widely being used in different kinds of industries nowadays. In the present time as per the industry trend, it has been seen that the Plastic Printed Bag on Roll has been playing a crucial role in many sectors. These sectors include food packaging, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging, Industrial packaging, Agricultural packaging, and so on.

OmFlex India is considered the prominent Printed Bag on Roll Manufacturers in India because we have served a vast number of happy and satisfied customers across the country and overseas as well. These bag on rolls are gaining more popularity day by day owing to their ease of usage and less dependency on manual labour, thus improving productivity. The best part about Plastic Printed Bags on Roll is that they can be customised as per requirement.

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Plastic Printed Bag on Roll


Om Flex India



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Almost any industry

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Sealing by Autopacker Machine


Salient features of Printed Bag on Roll:

  1. Durability/Quality:
    The best part about these bags is this, they are highly durable with minimum toleranace. That is why the Plastic Printed Bag on Roll is the way to move forward with packaging. We assure our clients of genuine quality flexible packaging materials across India and foreign countries. At Om Flex India, the manufacturing procedure is checked at multiple stages. We use best in class raw materials and do QC at every stage. This all makes us a different and superior Printed Bag on Roll Manufacturer than the other flexible packaging material manufacturer in the whole country.
  2. Features:
    Customisation in terms of Printing, vent holes, bag on rolls, fan folding, punch, perforations, etc. can be provided as per customer requirement. Plastic Printed Bag on Roll will be a great option for the packaging industries since these plastic bags are part of a new term called smart packaging. We offer our clients great flexibility along with 100% quality standard that make us the leading Printed Bag on Roll Manufacturer in India particularly in North India.

  3. Low Cost:
    In comparison to other varieties of flexible packaging materials, the Plastic Printed Bag on Roll is comparatively cheaper to end customer. Due to non dependency on manual labour, and increased productivity, this product offers best costing. Since we have invested in the machineries well in time, we have absorbed the upfront capital cost, thus eliminating any chance of higher pricing.

Therefore we have become the largest Printed Bag on Roll Manufacturer in the whole country.

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