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Poly Mailers Envelopes

Poly Mailers/ Poly Mailers Envelopes

Om Flex India undoubtedly is the largest manufacture of Poly Mailers even in this cut-throat competitive era. The bags made by us are highly demanded by several industries in India and overseas as well. Along with these bags we have also crafted Poly Mailers Envelopes of premium quality which are used in many ways for packaging lightweight or non-breakable items. At Om Flex India these bags and envelopes are manufactured under 1 roof at a total capacity of 2 million bags per day. We have always received excellent feedback from our clients whether they are from India or overseas. That has always been motivating us to excel in the manufacturing of flexible packaging materials consistently by developing more and more practicality and usefulness of these bags.

Om Flex India offers customised sized Poly Mailer Envelopes which are pretty useful for packing almost from hairpin to large furniture.

These are tamper proof, lightweight, cost effective, customisable, waterproof, and transport worthy.


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Product Name

Poly Mailers/ Poly Mailers Envelopes


Omflex India




Co-ex LDPE

Used at

All Online Platforms/Ecommerce companies/ Logistics Companies

Closing system

Peel N Seal (Lip to Lip/Flap)



Salient features

  1. Durability/Quality:
    These bags and envelopes are crafted so nicely and that is why these are widely used in the shipping and packaging industries. Om Flex India is considered a prominent Poly Mailers manufacturer. We manufacture these envelopes and bags by using premium quality raw materials by considering their end usage in harsh/hostile conditions. These bags are tear proof, puncture resistant, are moisture proof, and have excellent adhesive bonding. We have our own patented adhesive which we use on our bags. Since Poly Mailer Envelopes are made of PE, we have complete in-house extrusion, printing and bagmaking setup. QC is done at all stages and a proper COA (Certificate of Analysis) is given. These bags are the universal standard of packaging in e-commerce throughout the world, and we are the most experienced in making this item.

  2. Safety:
    In terms of safety, these Poly Mailer Envelopes are quite safe for delivering non-fragile items. The best part of these bags and envelopes is that they all are self-sealing which means that would not get opened themselves during shipping from one place to another place. These bags have security tape and can be customised with VOID tapes also for more prominent tamper evidence. This avoids any chances of tampering or damage of any item during the shipping process. Being the industry leading Poly Mailers manufacturer in the Indian market we do multiple checks and experiments to provide the best quality product to our clients. So any item can be packed and shipped in them without any hassle.
  3. Low Cost:
    At Om Flex India you will get premium quality Poly Mailer Envelopes at very affordable and competitive prices. Being the largest manufacturer, we get huge pricing reductions, due to bulk and strategic procurement of raw materials. Also due to huge experience, we minimize wastages to almost 0-1%, and pass on the benefit to our prospective customer, in terms of pricing.

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