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Jumbo Plastic Bags Manufacturers

Jumbo Plastic Bag Manufacturer

Jumbo plastic bags or Bulk bags are the ideal solutions for storing, handling and packaging dry bulk and liquid bulk goods they are also known as FIBC that is a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container with the holding capacity of FIBC ranges from half to two tonnes. FIBCs form a very important edge in the packaging industry due to their diverse applications and their benefits. It has its applications in various industries like Minerals and Ores, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Construction, Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and many more. There are lots of advantages too in the utilization of these plastic bags as they are available in many types in the market for example in two-loop, four loops or as per the requirement of client or industry for packaging and transportation. For the food products, it can be used from food-grade quality. apart from these, there are other benefits too those are like it can carry up to two tonnes of dry materials. It offers huge savings in transport and storage costs as no pallets or secondary packaging is needed with them. UV resistance to protect materials from harmful sun rays. Space saver: FIBCs can be folded and kept when not in use as compared to other drums and containers used for packaging.it can be easily customized as per industry requirements and these are designed for easy recycling after working life is over. Apart from all mentioned now a days Printing on the FIBCs serves as good branding and advertising tool for many companies.

These Bags are of variety of shapes and sizes. It's totally on the customer what he/ she wants to prefer and what suits the best for the product they have been seeing the bags for. As in like, for liquid products it is necessary that the bags should stand still on the shelf and do not spoil off. For this, stand up bags are the best to use. These Stand up bags are flexible and the material used to make them is also durable. Things to be transported can be kept inside such stand up bags. They cause no harm to the nature also and can be used again after recycling. One can use the jumbo bags as per the need it may be two loop or four loop.

In Delhi, many Jumbo plastic bag manufacturers are supplying and trading such flexible packaging material including many more products. The Omflex industry is most acknowledged among them and has vast clientele throughout India. If one is searching some packaging material manufacturer nearby capital must contact Omflex once.

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