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Green Packaging Material

Green Packaging Material Manufacturer

In the supply chain of different kinds of flexible packaging materials, we are the frontrunners in the manufacturing of eco-friendly / green packaging materials. That is why Om Flex India is considered the prominent Eco-friendly packaging manufacturer in India. These bags are biodegradable and environment friendly which is the big reason why these kinds of bags are in great demand for packaging and shipping any items.

Om Flex India is recognized as the most popular Green Packaging Material Manufacturer PAN India where we supply eco-friendly bags in several big and metropolitan cities like Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. With great efforts, our company has risen very high in customer satisfaction and holds a name for itself all across the globe. Apart from that our green packaging bags are very reliable and strong because the material used in the manufacturing is premium quality under expert supervision. At Om Flex India, the whole manufacturing procedure is followed by multiple rounds of checks by our highly experienced Quality Inspectors and Industry experts.

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Green Packaging & Eco-Friendly bags


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Salient features of Green Packaging/Eco-Friendly Bag

  • Durability :
    Green Packaging or eco-friendly bags are highly durable and reliable, similar to conventional packaging.. Since we are the leading Eco-friendly packaging manufacturers in the country, the green packaging bags manufactured by us are best and latest as per the world. We have always taken care of the durability and sustainability of the flexible packaging materials during the whole manufacturing procedure. After a lot of durability tests, Om Flex India produces and then supplies high-quality eco-friendly packaging bags to various packaging and e-commerce companies.

  • Features :
    These bags can be offered as compostable/oxo-biodegradable if looking for plastic option. Otherwise, the most ideal option is to switch to Paper itself. As Om Flex India is the largest Green Packaging Material Manufacturer in India so we do understand that product customization, is important to enhance brand value. We make sure that these green packaging bags are water-resistant so that they prevent moisture or water droplets to come in contact with the products packed inside the bags. These bags can be customised with multiple features, locks, gusset, vent holes, adhesive tapes, etc.

  • Low Cost:
    We have put great effort in giving the best quality green packaging bags at the lowest price and undoubtedly we have succeeded in the same without compromising on quality/durability. As the no. 1 Eco-friendly packaging manufacturer in the market, Om Flex India supplies premium quality bags at a pretty reasonable cost by following the zero cost-cutting policy. Hence, we are the highest supplier of green packaging bags all over India and overseas as well.

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